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Barbie: A Fairy Secret
Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Rating: G
Length: 73 mins.
Year: 2011

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The computer-animated film Barbie: A Fairy Secret, features the iconic doll as a film star who turns sleuth in order to rescue her boyfriend Ken from the clutches of her rival and co-star, Raquelle.

Set in Gloss Angeles, Barbie and her stylists, Carrie and Taylor, are busily preparing for Barbie's latest film premiere when they discover that Princess Graciella, a fairy, has been given a love potion that compels her to fall in love with Ken. After Ken is kidnapped, Barbie and her cohorts seek out an antidote for the love potion. Their quest takes them to Paris, or more specifically, to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where they meet Lilliana Roxelle, a fashion critic and respected fairy. With the antidote in hand, Barbie, Carrie and Taylor return to Gloss Angeles to try and reverse the spell.

Diana Kaarina provides the voice of Barbie, while Adrian Petriw supplies Ken's voice.

This was released on March 15, 2011.

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