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Dance! Workout with Barbie
Dance! Workout with Barbie

Rating: NR
Length: 30 mins.
Year: 1992

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Everyone, even dolls, need to make an effort to stay in shape, and in Dance! Workout With Barbie, a 30-minute exercise video for young girls, Barbie (voiced by Jodi Benson) leads nine girls through a series of basic workout routines. The exercises combine dance with fundamental workouts with Barbie-themed titles such as Broadway Barbie, Sidewalk Strut, Jammin' Jogger, Hot Foot and the Barbie Basic.

The video utilizes stop-motion animation (for Barbie), while the participating girls interact. The workout routines are low-impact, consisting primarily of a lot of movement and aerobics. Designed for girls from 7-10 years, it's custom-made for mothers and daughters needing an introduction to working out. One of the nine girls featured in the video is Jennifer Love Hewitt, who went on to become a Hollywood actress-singer-producer.

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