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Barbie And Her Sisters in a Pony Tale
Barbie And Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

Rating: G
Length: 72 mins.
Year: 2013

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Directed by Kyran Kelly, who served in the same capacity for several episodes of the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse TV series, Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale is a computer-animated film that follows the adventures of the iconic doll and her sisters in search of a legendary horse.

Along with Chelsea, Skipper and Stacie, Barbie travels to their Aunt Marlene's Swiss equestrian academy for the summer. Each girl anticipates different adventures; Barbie is determined to find a new horse, Chelsea wants to ride the most challenging horses, Stacie is eager to demonstrate her superior riding abilities, and aspiring writer Skipper looks forward to creating an impressive narrative of the experience. All goes according to plan until Barbie stumbles across a magical horse deep in the woods.

Kelly Sheridan provides the voice of Barbie and is joined by Kazumi Evans (Skipper), Claire Corlett (Stacie), Ashlyn Drummond (Chelsea), and Alex Kelly (Aunt Marlene).

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