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Barbie: The Pearl Princess
Barbie: The Pearl Princess

Rating: G
Length: 73 mins.
Year: 2014

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With an acclaimed soundtrack featuring the songs "Light Up the World" and "Mermaid Party!", the CGI-animated film Barbie: The Pearl Princess finds the heroine in underwater adventures as a mermaid.

Barbie is Lumina, a most unusual and gifted mermaid who works as a hairstylist by day, but things change when she receives an unexpected invitation to the exclusive royal ball. She and her friends work feverishly to outfit her with a unique gown for the gala, and the result is indeed fit for a princess. Once at the extravaganza however, things take a dark turn when villains invade the event, creating chaos in an attempt to gain power over the kingdom. It's then that Lumina discovers she has the ability to summon heretofore untapped powers, including the ability to control pearls. This "superpower" provides an effective weapon against the invaders, leaving everyone safe and sound, and naking Lumina a true "heroine."

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