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Barbie and the Secret Door
Barbie and the Secret Door

Rating: G
Length: 81 mins.
Year: 2014

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The CGI-animated film Barbie and the Secret Door features seven original songs, making it the ultimate fairytale musical and showcasing a talented voice and vocal cast including Kelly Sheridan, Brittany McDonald, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, Bill Irvin and many others.

Shy and favoring reading books rather than performing her "princess" duties, Alexa's outlook changes as the result of an accident during which she unintentionally injures her dance partner. She becomes depressed, and to cheer her up, her grandmother presents her with a magical book. Entranced, Alexa discovers the book can unlock a secret door that transports her to Zinnia, a fantasy kingdom populated with magical creatures and an enchanted forest. Befriended by a fairy and a mermaid, Alexa learns from them of Zinnia's evil ruler, who has begun stealing magical powers throughout the enchanted land. It's then that Alexa discovers that she also possesses magical abilities and may be Zinnia's best hope of defeating Malucia, the power-hungry despot.

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