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Barbie in Princess Power
Barbie in Princess Power

Rating: G
Length: 74 mins.
Year: 2015

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In Princess Power, a made-for-TV film from Mattel Playground Productions, Barbie is Kara, an ordinary girl (albeit a princess), who leads a normal life. However, when she's kissed by a magical butterfly, she's transformed into Super Sparkle, a crime-fighting superhero who stops at nothing to seek out and take to task all manner of bad guys. Into the picture comes her cousin Corinne, envious of the attention now being paid to Super Sparkle, captures the butterfly and becomes Dark Sparkle, the polar opposite of her do-good cousin. At first the superheroes clash repeatedly, but eventually become partners, fighting against a common enemy, the evil and power-hungry Baron von Ravendale. Together, the former rivals bond, discovering that jealousy and envy are never beneficial.

Kelly Sheridan (Barbie/Kara/Super Sparkle), Britt Irvin (Corinne/Dark Sparkle) and Michael Kopsa (von Ravenbark) provide the voices of Princess Power's primary characters in this animated feature, which is directed by Zeke Norton.

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