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Barbie of Swan Lake
Barbie of Swan Lake

Rating: G
Length: 81 mins.
Year: 2003

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In this famous ballet, Barbie takes on the part of the beautiful Odette. As the story begins, Odette is following a unicorn into the enchanted forest. When the unicorn becomes stuck, Odette uses a magic crystal to free the unicorn. The evil wizard Rothbarth (voiced by Kelsey Gramar) sees this and transforms Odette into a Swan. Rothbarth continues to plot against Odette and the Fairy Queen to steal the magic crystal. With the help of her friends, animals, and the lovely prince, Odette is able to stop the evil wizard. The story ends as all great fairy tales do with Odette and the prince falling in love.

Was released on DVD September 30, 2003.

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